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Sunshine Blogger Award

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SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD | I have seen these kinds of awards in a few blogs but when I seen it in English and my blog is written in Bahasa so I didn't bother to finding out. But today, I will. 

Honestly from bottom of my heart I was suprise when this award comes to me. It is because my blog was just 3 months. "Are you sure?" thats the question that pop up to my minds. On the same times I know that I must grab this oppurtinity. Thanks to Mrs Anum Abdullah and Mr Azlan for choosing me. (Tercalon sebanyak dua kali... hehe)

To accept this award, I have to:
- Thank the person who nomited you in a blog and link back to their blog.
- Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
- Nominated 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
- List the rules and display THE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD logo on your post or your blog

I have two blogs so I decide to answer all the questions that have been given by Mr Azlan to me in this blog and in another blog I will answer another 11 questions that have been given from Anum to me. So I hope all of you out there can read my articles and I hope you will enjoying reading them. Here are the questions that have been prepaired from Mr.Azlan to me...

1- If you are given a chance again in your life, you want to get back at what age? Why?
Well if I could get back to the past, I want to be at 6 years old again. It is because I really want to be a better person and daughter to my parents from that age until now.

2- Where is the tourist destination you really want to go? Why?
Oh my god, I really want to go to Mecca and Madinah. I want to learn more about Islam history with my own eyes.

3- Who is your inspiration in the world of blogs? Why?
Mmmm... I think I will choose Namee Roslan. It is because she ia housewife like I am and I really love to read abour her personal life story.

4- What is your hobbies besides writing a blog?
For your information, I've so many hobbies and one of them is watching Korean drama. I can watch it for the whole day! Ohya besides that I also love to makeover my blogs.

5- What is your favourite colour?
Purple, red, dark blue, green, white and pink!

6- What is ur dreams car?
Wow! I wish I could have a sporty car from BMW. Can I afford it? No!! I dont think so.. A dreams will always be a dreams. Hahaha...

7- Which one do you prefer? Live in the city or in the village?
I must say I will always want to live in the suburbs area.

8- Is the most special gift in your life you,ve ever got?
I treats my parents, my husband and all of my sons as a special gift from God and besides that my husband have given me a brand new car as a gift on 2009. I really love my car so much as much as I love my husband.

9- A gift that you've always wanted?
I want to win a free trip to Korea...

10- What are the things you want to do if you are the leader in this country?
Omg, I must say this question is so hard for me to answer. Well, I think I really want to cut off the GST!!

11- In your opinion, how blogs can inspire the people out there?
I really love to read about others people lifestories from their blogs and its really makes me feels so lucky to have such a beautiful families and friends.

Pheew... at last! I have answered all the questions by myself. Now it is my turn to give another 11 questions for the next 11 nomenee...

1- What is your real name?
2- How old are you?
2- What is your favourite dish?
3- What is your favourite drink?
4- What is your favourite film?
5- What do you like about yourself?
6- What do you like about your husband/wife?
7- What do you like about this country?
8- What do you like about my blog?
9- Who is your favourite blogger? Why?
10- If I give you 5 thousand ringgit, what will you do with that money?
11- Between beach and waterfall, which one will you choose? Why?

Thats it.. fuh penat giler.. selamat membaca dan selamat menjawab soalan... kalau tak kena tag tapi nak jwab juga di persilakan sebabnya kalau boleh nk listkan semua rakan untuk jawab 11 soalan tu. kiki :D

18 comments for "Sunshine Blogger Award"

  1. Rindu nak pergi korea lagi. 😍😍😍

    1. uwaaa jeles kita tau!! sob sob... jeles sungguh ni

  2. elsa pun tercalon jugak dari blog en. Azlan hakhak. gigil nak jawab dalam english. best baca entry sis yang ini! sis kira hebat walaupun baru 3 bulan tapi dah ada yang jadikan sumber inspirasi hikhik :*

    1. sis blogger baru elsa oi.. cuba menapak sedaya yang boleh. selamat menjawab soalan la ya (Sis pun nk kena jawab 1 lagi utk Anum.)

  3. Aik, ni macam soalan saya je sis... hihihi...

    1. Ya Allah terbalik... hahahaha.... dh betulkan dh :D

  4. Blogger Namee Roslan memang tak asing lagi dalam dunia blogging dan blognya banyak menceritakan kisah kehidupan dan motivasi untuk kita teruskan kehidupan.. =)

    1. sis pun impikan sebuah blog yg ceritakan kisah suka duka hidup mcm Namee.. harap2 tertunai la

  5. tahniah sis dapat jawab soalan award ni...hihi...

  6. wahhh tahniah sis hawaaa dapat habiskan segmen ni. :)

  7. Hahaha penatkan jawab dalam english,kekekeke, mai pun camtu haritu.

    1. Penat sebab kita jarang guna bahasa ni kan? Asyik merapu merepek dalam BM ja. haha

  8. fae pun ada buat entri psl award ne and fae tak pakai 100% BI hehe sakit kepala mengarang ayat BI ngan betul

    1. xpe fae. sis pun x de la pandai sngat BI, sikit2 tu boleh lah

  9. alhamdulillah, sy dah selesai jawab semua soalan. terima kasih calonkan saya sis