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Top 15 Retail Store Design Ideas

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For your information, The design of retail stores is important: first impressions matter. Whether your store front is in Orchard road or is a hdb shop rental, the moment a customer steps into your store, they will have already decided whether they want to stay or not based on those first few seconds of looking around. Your store’s layout and design are huge factors that will nab all those important sales. It needs to attract customers to want to continue on exploring your space.

The good news is, you don’t need to break the bank to come up with good designs for your store. You can truly bring out your store’s full potential, even on a minimal budget, as long as you plan things through wisely. Whether you’re looking for tips to design a new store, or you want to remodel your current one, the tips we’ve gathered below is sure to help you on your way in making your store more customer-friendly.


1. Go green

Green is a color that soothes the eyes and mind. In fact, the human eye sees green better than any other color in the spectrum. Greenery in your store provides a connection to nature. Consider incorporating unique “green” into your retail space, particularly in places of high traffic such as window displays, point of sale locations and also at fixed merchandising areas.

2. Have background music

Background music often has a direct effect on shopping behavior. Thus, it is something that you as a business owner should always keep in mind. Music, volume and the acoustics of it all is important when it comes to retail store design. In other words, you set the mood through the music you play: background music creates the perfect ambience and shopping environment. For example, smoot jazz and R&B tunes are great for cafes and restaurants.

3. Add QR Codes

The world is getting increasingly advance in terms of technology. In the age of smartphones and computers, a QR code on a product or on the shelf tag can serve to attract your customer’s attention even more. Now, when your customers need information on an article of merchandise, they can just scan the QR code to obtain further help, such as deep links into apps, access to videos about the product, or even seamlessly transition from a physical in-store shopper to an e-commerce platform.

4. Have a well-thought walking path

There needs to be intent and purpose in the way you position your merchandise. Having a walking path can make the retail experience more pleasant for both you and your customers. It allows customer footprint and traffic to be controlled and ensures all your products get maximum exposure. Attention grabbing displays throughout the shopping path can add an even more zen-like ambience to your retail space as well.

5. Paint an accent wall

An accent wall in a bold and funky color is a good way to draw attention and attract the eyes of customers. You can use this accent wall to put the focus on and display your best products. Add focus to to your accent wall by using neutral colors throughout the rest of your space.

6. Adjust your lighting

The lighting fixture and bulbs you choose will have a direct impact on the ambience of your space. Warmer-tinted light bulbs are more suitable for when you want a warmer and cozier ambience, whereas brighter colder lights are better in stores where you want your customers to be able to see merchandise details better.

7. Minimize clutter

A cluttered display not only distracts your customers, it takes up too much space in you store. Make sure the products you have on display are thoroughly curated and selected to keep things interesting. The method of display also needs to be well-thought-out. You can use unconventional containers and display racks to add visual interest. For example, instead of displaying jewelry in class counters, you can hang it all up, letting them dangle to optimize vertical space better.

8. Add mirrors

Mirrors serve to amplify space. When used correctly, they can even make the smallest store look large and more open. Consider setting up large mirrors around the store at the best angles to reflect light around. Consider using mirrored sliding doors to hide storage and shelf space. It also serves a more functional purpose: your customers can see and imagine how things would look on them more easily.

9. Incorporate abstract art

If you have the budget for it, you can incorporate abstract art in your store design and displays. For example, you can use art installations that double as storage and presentation space. This makes for a more interesting and eye-catching experience for customers, as not only is it a retail experience, but an artistic one as well.

10. Add faux panels

The boringness of concrete is something that tires the eye. Consider adding textured panels on your walls to give your store more visual interest. What’s more, these elements cost considerably less than actual brick and stone.

11. Have a theme

The design of your store should tie in to the overall vibe of your products. Having a theme in your retail store helps emphasize the lifestyle your products promote. For example, if your products are about comfort and rugged lifestyles, you can design your store to incorporate elements of rustic charm.

12. Use glass displays

Glass is a useful tool in store design. They can be used in a myriad of ways, from dividers to shelves to countertops. It also adds a clean and clutter free ambience that makes your space look larger, focusing attention on your products instead of on the dΓ©cor.

13. Use product displays as color accents

Color grabs the eye even more than architectural detail. You can use the color of your products as part of your store design. An easy way to accomplish this is to set your product displays against a clean whit wall to make the colors really pop.

14. Try a modular look

Modular store displays are a flexible and versatile idea. Pieces can be disassembled and rearrange to make it scalable and flexible for displaying different pieces of merchandise.

15. Create a window like effect

Most retail stores these days lack windows. You can, however, easily fake it. To create this illusion, hang draps around large wall-to-ceiling length mirrors. This opens up the space and adds an artistic vibe to your otherwise four-wall-box of retail space.

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