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Colors of Flowers to Consider for Your Wedding

The colors of the environment can affect everyone’s mood. If you want to sprinkle your wedding
day with some positive vibes, choose shades of your flowers that can bring some light to the
event. Many kinds of flowers are available in flower shop delivery Singapore and you can mix
and match different variants in order to come up with great combinations.

As they say, all flowers are good to use for a wedding celebration. Even those what they call as
birthday flowers can still be used as ornaments in the church or at the reception. Some are used
as a bridal bouquet for the bride and bridesmaids, while some are used as centerpieces on
tables. Indeed, no special events like a wedding will be complete, without these sweet and
natural beauties.

The colors of the flowers to choose depends on the motif or the theme. There is the color
scheme that Singapore florist suggest to brides. Most of the recommendations would go for
pastel colored flowers. There are those florists also who suggest for a mix of dark and light
colors. Of course, it will still the bride who gets to decide, which color scheme to pick.

In most cases, brides opt to get those with pink and purple shades and so they use lilac and
peonies in requesting for the flower arrangement. Some also prefer neutral shades and so they
get the ivory, for calla lilies and French tulips. Additional to this option are the Queen Anne’s
lace and the lilies of the valley. Some brides like the combination of the pinks and whites.

For a wedding that is scheduled in springtime, brides are so fascinated with the backyard-like
theme and surround their reception with the colorful daisies. The reds and yellows are the most
outstanding hues in this choice, which gives so much light and vibrancy to the event. When the
brides request such flowers, the florists make sure to add some white florets as accents to these
colors so that the while light could set a solemn ambiance, since reds and yellows reflect too
much festive lights.

Roses of different colors are always the choice of many, but combining them with flowers with
almost the same shade can be more beautiful and pleasing to everyone’s senses. Indeed, flower shades can add so much delightful ambiance to the wedding event. You just need to
know the perfect combinations and ask the help of experts in deciding which kinds to combine
and which shades can be a perfect match.

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