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How To Verify Adsense Account Without Pin? Follow This!

How To Verify Adsense Account Without Pin  | Honestly, many of my bloggers friend have got their pin without any trouble, but I'm not lucky as them. Trust me, my Adsense account said the PIN was sent, however, I never received. I requisted PIN there times and this is my last chance. How do I get my adsense pin? What must I do? OMG! Suddenly, I become panic.

But at the same time, I know, I have to do something to solve this problem. I must act to avoid any failure. So the 1st step is searching for info about 'how to verify my adsense without pin' as much as I could. I searched on the internet, I read on the forums and seek help from Google, but again I was frustrated when I couldn't find a way out. Hmmmm...

Can't Give Up

As expected, on 24th Dec 2019, adsense stop showing their ads in this blog. Huh! I started to feel uneasy. What to do? How to fix this problem? How do I get help? Question by question keeps playing on my mind.

Finally, after all my hard work, I finally figured it out. I also know what I did wrong. Like example :

  • don't panic
  • wait .. link will appear at the bottom of the account
  • as long as you haven't asked for the pin for three times, you don't need to do anything

Here is the steps to Verify Your Own Identity Without Pin (Like I Do)

Here is the way how to verify Google AdSense without receiving address verification PINI'll guide you through the pictures. Hopefully you can understand clearly

STEP #1 - click on the link (at the bottom of your Adsense account)

STEP #2  - You will see some of this question.. Relax okay, dont be panic. You can tick them just to see the answers like I do.

Step #3 - Now, look at the arrow. You can see this 'Contact Us' section right? Click on it. 

Step #4 - Choose for 'Payments' 

Step #5 - Next, go for 'General Questions'

Step #6 - There you go. Now you can get help from Google Adsense Team! =D

Step #7 - I started to feel relieved when I saw this form 

How to fill out this form? 

Honestly, because I didn't know, I just filling in this way. That attachment part, I just submit it with a screenshot from my Adsense latest issue. 

Ohya, click here to get ur own Publisher ID 

Then, Adsense Support Team replied to my email with this guide. Hip hip hooray!! Finally,.. YES!

Some Basic Info That You Should Know Also 

You'll only be required to verify your PIN after your account balance reaches the verification threshold. If you don't see a hold displayed on your AdSense then dont panic okay!

Google has provided an alternate option to verify Google AdSense account without PIN code. You can verify Google Adsense account by using your any Government issued Documents. Like as- Passport, National ID Card, Bank account copy, Telephone bills copy and much more.
But remember that your address should be mentioned in that document which you are using to verify your Adsense. And that mentioned address on the Document must be the same to your Adsense account address.

You can find an option to Submit Document in your Adsense account after the request of your last (3rd) PIN. But you can submit your ID proof after the four weeks from the last (3rd) generated PIN. But before four weeks you can’t verify your Adsense account address. And this link will redirect to Adsense Troubleshooter.

Now, wait for the reply of the Adsense. Normally they respond in 2-3 minutes. But they may take more time to respond. And your Adsense account will be verified. But remember that the payment hold notification may still show up to next 24 - 48 hours in your Adsense account. Now you have to reach the 100$ amount the minimum payment threshold to get your first payment from Google Adsense. You can read this guide to increase Google Adsense earnings & to get paid soon.

Here, I also shared a video taken from Youtube. I hope this video can gives you a clearer guide.

That's it. Now you have complete the process of Adsense address verification and please remember that you have to keep patience. Your Google Adsense account will be verified in few days without Adsense PIN.

Okay then, goodluck....

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  1. Thank you for sharing, kak. Tak sangka ada juga berlaku perkara macam ni. Ingatkan bila nombor pin dihantar, tak ada masalah macam tu.

  2. info yg berguna..
    tq for sharing.. =)

  3. Thanks for sharing. Artikel ini sangat bermanfaat buat saya

  4. Wahhhh very useful tips for those who is experiencing the same trouble. Thankyou for sharing :D

  5. saya dah request kali ke dua, utk y 2x tu guna alamat pejabat, yang ketiga kita kena tukar alamat y ada pada ic ke sbb ic dan lesen memandu alamat kampung,

  6. Kalau saya nak buat this step, but address IC dengan dekat google Adsense tak sama. Macam mana ye?