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Tips For Running To Improve Your Health

Tips for running to improve your health | This article is important because you need to know that running is not about putting on a pair of shoes and randomly start running. There are many aspects to even such a simple looking process.

You will need to get proper running gear, acquaint yourself with the right way of running and know about increasing your stamina. You might need to endure physical injuries/ physical problems that forms a part of any physical workout. We are here to give you some tips on various aspects of running, so that you enjoy the process.

Tips For Running To Improve Your Health
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Running Gear

Get Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is a process of measuring your running and foot plant, by watching you run on a treadmill, for a few minutes. This way, it becomes easier to get a perfect-fit running shoe for yourself.

Choose your Running Track

If you plan to run off-road and you get shoes with built-up heels then you will turn your ankles and hurt yourself. If you plan to run on paved roads and get a shoe with studded outsoles, then again, those studs will hurt your feet. It is important to get the balance right.

Trial Run

Buy your shoe from a place that provides ‘road-test’ on in-store treadmill. Very frankly, walking a few steps on carpet area of the shop is not enough to know how your shoes will feel on roads, while
you run.

Select right Socks

Runners always prefer socks with extra padding in the toe, heel and foot area. This padding helps in protecting their feet from unwanted blisters. In fact, you should wear these running socks, before buying your shoes so that you buy the right sized shoe for yourself. Buy the best gear online using Shopee an online ecommerce site, use the coupon & deals to get the best offer.

Tips For Running To Improve Your Health
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Time to Run

Start Really Slow

Do not get pumped up and run miles on the first day of your running regime. Your body needs to get acquainted with the workout process. You should aim at starting slow but, increasing your running speed & distance, gradually.

Include Strength Training

To be a better runner, you need to first become stronger. You can inculcate some strength increasing exercise in your running routine. Work towards increasing strength in your legs, core and glutes. Also, it will not hurt you to become more flexible.

Commit to Consistency

Your body needs a specific number of days to inculcate a new habit in life. If you want to keep running, then you will have to commit to the process without taking even a single day’s break. Once your body gets used to working out regularly, you will be able to continue the process for a long time to come.

Decrease your resting time

It is obvious that you will stop for a break after you have ran a few miles. With time, you need to alter your resting time and duration. After certain point in time, start taking breaks at longer intervals and for lesser time-duration.

Work on basic techniques

Initially, you just need to get into following the regime diligently. Once you build the habit of running, you need to work a bit on your technique as well. You need to focus on maintaining tall & erect posture and hold your hips high. You also need to work upon leaning on your toes, a bit on the front.

Run Strides

Strides are short sessions of running very quick, within the whole running duration. You can include quick running sessions either in the middle of a run or at the end. Some runners prefer running strides at the start, just like a warm-up session.

Tips For Running To Improve Your Health

Proper Nutrition Supplement

Eat After you Run

You need to eat as soon as possible, once you have completed your running regime. It is important to get right kind of carbs (go for a banana smoothie or a honey porridge) and right amount of protein, after the run.

Get Your Greens

Maintain five portions of greens in your diet plan so that your body get all the essential nutrients. Ensure that you have all the colours on your plate (a variety in colours would mean a wholesome plate of essential nutrients).

Tips For Running To Improve Your Health
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Resting Time

Include Warm-down sessions

Warm is the mid-way between running and resting (more like light jogging!). You need to include warm-down sessions as it helps in better muscle relaxation and reduce muscle soreness. It also brings back your cardiovascular system back to normal.

Go for a Massage Session

Massage is probably one of the best ways of recovering back from any kind of injuries you must have undergone in your running session. It is important that there is a proper flow of blood, oxygen and nutrition in your fatigued muscles and a massage session is the best way to ensure that.

Rest Days are Important

If you want to become a better runner then do not run every single day (except in the initial days when you are trying to make running a habit). Include one rest day every week so that your body recovers better. In fact, do not go for any kind of exercise on the rest day.

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