As a wife and a mother sometimes I feel so jealous of other women out there who look pretty and stylish every time they need to go to work. They can get home evenings but for me I need to be so busy at my little kitchen with pots and spoons. Sob sob....

However, I realize I need to be grateful for what I have. I know that the most thing I should really appreciate is my own family.

Ohya, my family is quite big cause I have six children. The situation in my house was so crowded with laughter, voice fighting and chat between us. Haha..

It become more fun cause my husband and I can follow our children's style by playing with them everyday. Sometimes we will also spend time traveling together. Among the places we love most is the beaches.

When I see all of my children together, I would feel very happy to see them playing on the beach with a big smile on their faces.

Their smile can makes me feel sooo proud for being able to make them happy. But! At the same time it also made me feel a little bit sad. Sad because they are growing up so fast and that mean soon they will start to have their own direction and journey. :(

However, as a mother I will keep praying for all of them. Without them my world is sooo empty. No matter how far they will be gone to catch up their dreams, I will keep follow them from behind so that I could continue my role as their mother and to keep given them loves and kisses from the bottom of my heart.