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How to stay relevant as a real estate agent

With the advancement of technology nowadays, many things can be easily done and completed through technology, such as transactions and buying processes. Technology shortens the process of buying and payment making, therefore, the real estate industries have also jump onto the bandwagon and start using technology as part of the dealing processes and also a way to check on Malaysia property market. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram are widely used to market their services and products. Websites are used to offer their listing services and allow interested buyers to have a virtual view on the properties. With such advancement of technology nowadays, buyers and sellers can easily carry out the transactions. Make sure you get your license and get certified with Lembaga Penilai, Pentaksir, Ejen Harta Tanah & Pengurus Harta (LPPEH) before you start working as a real estate agent. This article will guide you through the tips on staying relevant as a real estate agent.

1. Online presence

As the digital age continues to evolve, it is essential for real estate agent to know that online presence plays an important role in marketing their products. With the abundance of available online shopping plateform, people nowadays go online when it comes to shopping. Gone were the days where people have to go to physical stores to do their shoppings. With the improving technology today, many homebuyers are browsing through the internet to look for a property that is suitable to their needs. Research and homework are done through the internet. Homebuyers can now browse through pictures of properties and make a price comparison of their desired houses before making a decision. That being said, most buyers would skip hiring a broker and go straight to hiring a professional in helping them with the paperwork. They prefer taking all the real estate transactions into their own hands.

Therefore, real estate agent must keep up with the current technology to let homebuyers know that technology cannot replace the skill and expertise of a broker and that innovation has its shortcoming too. Brokers need to gain their credibility from the clients through online platforms to establish an online presence.

2. Social media

People nowadays are using their mobile devices to search for potential properties. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become great platforms for people to share photos and post videos. Social media users are aware of the uses of their social media accounts, therefore, real estate agents should make full use of their social media accounts to build their online presences to the public or their target market by showcasing their properties and services offered. That being said, real estate agents should know that social media are used to connect people. Real estate agents should know how to utilize technology to the fullest and to their advantages, at the same time, build connection with people. For example, real estate agents can create a Facebook page to show the listing of properties.

3.  Using technology is profitable

With the advancement of technology nowadays, it has brought us more convenience than inconvenience in our lives. With the increasing amount of social media applications, we can now easily book a taxi or make a reservation by just using the applications available and that has certainly make lives so much easier.

As for people in the real estate industry, a mobile appliation is useful as brokers or real estate agents can easily upload the listings of properties into relevant property portals. In addition, these portals are free and it provides the uploaders with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. A CRM system will help you stay organized by keeping the clients’ information well organized. By doing so, the real estate agents can gain exposure for their listing and could even gain inquiries from potential buyers. Therefore, real estate agents should never underestimate the power of technology or social media. With the advancement of technology nowadays, it could lead to a guaranteed success deal to the real estate agents. However, do note that the advancement of technology is only a tool to complement the real estate agent’s expertise and not too overshadow the expertise the agent has. The abundance of available information is not a substitute for the expertise and knowledge of an experienced real estate agent.

In conclusion, technology is a good platform to expand and build network for real estate agents. Technology, if used right, it will be a great plateform to help you build a community and increase communication with your clients. The internet makes the process of buying and selling property much easier than before. In addition, technology is a tool to improve business relationships between your clients and yo. However, with the advancement of technology, it has its own shortcoming as well. Therefore, real estate agents should be cautious when it comes to using social media. There are also different ways that real estate agents can use to stay relevant other than using technology. 

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